MerchantSoft POS is engineered to handle the complex transactions of the retail pharmacy in hospitals, chain enterprises, and independent stores.

Designed with pharmacies in mind.


MerchantSoft integrates with the leading Pharmacy Management Systems to manage all the pharmacy essentials from selling of scripts, eliminating pricing mistakes, verifying that the right prescription is going to the right customer, and integrated capturing of e-signatures.

All these features are delivered through an intuitive touchscreen which promotes rapid training and improves the shopping experience by speeding transactions.

With MerchantSoft you get industry leading features such as:
  • Integrated Payment processing (Tokenization) including Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Qualified Health Products (QHP)
  • Captures electronic signature for Rx, counseling, safety caps, HIPAA, A/R Charges and PSE
  • Off-line POS technology handles service interruptions between the POS and the network
  • MerchantSoft securely handles payments through one of two validated payment middleware solutions:
    • Element triPOS a PCI validated P2Pe with FSA solution by Vantiv Integrated Payments which is certified with select EMV devices for use in North America.
    • Cayan Unified Commerce Solution

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Standard Features

Will Call Management

Leave No Script behind with our Will Call Management feature. Your clerk will be able to see all script statuses at the POS that are ready for the customer. Our primary goal is to have all patient transactions available - whether picked up, delivered at discharge, or via the Mail-Out portal.

  • Patient and script information is automatically updated real-time at the POS
  • Auto-populating of patient name and address information from Pharmacy Management System Interface
  • Improve customer service by performing detailed inquiries of patient transactions from providing a copy of a receipt or printing a transaction history record for an entire year

OTC Inventory Management

Use our advanced inventory management module to track over-the-counter sales, manage prices and update inventory counts.

  • Scan UPC barcodes at POS to speed customer service
  • Manage multiple units of measure for purchasing and selling
  • Create Buy Worksheet and generate Purchase Order based on sales
  • Enterprise-wide Sales and Productivity reporting

Pseudoephedrine Sales Logging

Help control and limit liability by tracking Pseudoephedrine milligrams and packages sold to individual customers.

  • Scan most state driver licenses for automated data entry
  • Interface to NPLEx for real-time reporting to local, state, regional and national agencies
  • Generate detailed audit reports to meet state and federal regulations, including sales signatures

Compliance and Certifications

Emporos Systems meets standards for helping to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and security of credit card information and Electronic Protected Health information (ePHI).

  • MerchantSoft integrates with several payment platforms to:
    • Handle all card transactions, ensuring that no cardholder data is stored in the Point of Sale
    • Use point-to-point encryption (P2Pe) with payment terminals
    • With appropriate processing partners, process EMV, Contactless, and Swipe payments
  • Multilayers of Security via Passwords and account permission settings
  • Electronic signature capture for Rx, counseling, safety caps, HIPAA, Pseudoephedrine & A/R charges
  • Helps Pharmacies meet regulatory requirement for maintaining store Rx and accounts receivable signatures for 10+ years
  • SIGIS Third Party Master Certifier Servicer
  • Auto-substantiate flexible spending account (FSA) reimbursement through Inventory Information Approval Systems (IIAS)


Keep an eye on your business with the many financial, signature and POS reports MerchantSoft offers. Real-Time Store Level and Enterprise-wide reporting is available through our web-based license.

  • View History: Re-print receipts and meet your customer’s needs for prescription purchase history (available at POS and in our Web Portal)
  • Sales Reports: Snapshot summarizes sales by groups, Sales by Department, Time Unit, Taxable and Non-Taxable Reports
  • Signature Reports: Electronic and Manual, Prescription by Plan, PSE
  • POS Reports: Audit reports for Drawer Reconciliation, Discounts, Receipt Journal, Returns and Gift Cards sold


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Reduce Hospital Readmissions with Mobile Solutions

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Emporos Mobile Delivery

Easily manage delivery and accept payment for prescriptions and over the counter items to discharge patients at bedside or customers at home. The Emporos Mobile Delivery app is designed to work with a variety of iOS/Apple devices on a secure, trusted WIFI network or via your 4G data network.

  • Supports Point to Point Encryption (P2Pe) to protect cardholder data and meet PCI compliance
  • The Ingenico iCMP Bluetooth payment device is EMV ready and supports Contactless and Debit with PIN
  • Electronic Signature Capture for Rx Log, HIPAA, Credit Card, Payroll, and A/R Charges.
  • Maintains database integrity via synching.
See it in Action
Reduce Hospital Readmissions with Mobile Solutions

For Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies & Clinics

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Flexible Design

MerchantSoft provides the flexibility to meet your pharmacy’s demands. Move, add, and remove POS buttons to match your workflow. Setup Hot Keys to speed checkout for those last minute impulse items. Use Department keys to manage items that do not scan at POS.

  • Design layout of POS buttons and deploy enterprise wide
  • Accommodate special payment situations through User Defined Fields
  • Customize receipts, signature capture logo, reports, and statements
  • Add modules to grow with your business

Integrations Options

Emporos systems understands retail pharmacy, so we make it easy for you to provide Point of Sale data to other providers to meet your business needs.

  • NPLEx: Real-time e-tracking for the purchase of products containing pseudoephedrine which ensures compliance with Federal purchase limits
  • Data Export: Third party general ledger and accounts receivable, statement print and mail services, pharmacy loyalty programs

Training & Service

Becoming an emporos customer means you’ll have a team of system and product experts available to guide you from planning and implementation to production and beyond through continuing support. You’ll experience our dedication to help you ‘simplify retail for better patient care.’

  • Project Management for system implementation and installation
  • Emporos Customer Care
  • Self-service portal for support requests
  • Toll free phone support
  • Business and after hours support
  • Comprehensive training for new and existing customers

Optional Modules

Mail-Out Station for Prescription Processing

Designed to work like the workflow of your pharmacy, the Mail-Out station allows prescription transactions to be handled quickly and efficiently. Credit card information is tokenized so no card holder data is present on the POS system.

  • Easy to use patient search
  • Accept payment using credit card on file, charge to Accounts Receivable, and real-time entry of credit card information
  • Integration with Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR) to add a credit card for payment

Accounts Receivable

Enhance your customer service by extending credit options to retail, wholesale and telephone sale customers with MerchantSoft Accounts Receivable module. Setup primary and subsidiary accounts for households, set credit limits, finance charges and late fees. Accounts must be approved and established prior to authorizing any charges.

  • User Defined Account Types: Open Item, Balance Forward, Minimum Payment, Interest Charges, Late Fees
  • Deposits: Easy Entry, Auto-Apply Deposit
  • Account Adjustments: Ability to create Write-Offs, Transfer Items Between Accounts
  • Reports: Aged Trial Balance, Point-in-Time Aged Trial Balance, Miscellaneous Adjustment by Closing
  • Month End: Automated Checks and Balances, Calculation of Interest and Late Fees, Summary of G/L Transactions, Print Individual Customer Statements with Personalized Message

Payroll Deduction

Let your employees scan their badges to deduct prescriptions or OTC items from their payroll account. Payroll Deduction requires the MerchantSoft Accounts Receivable module.

  • Imports Employee Eligibility Daily from Payroll System
  • Exports Deduction File for Custom Payroll Cycles
  • Tracks Each Employee’s Charge Account through A/R Module
  • Imports Actual Payroll Deductions and Applies as Payments on Employee Account

Price Management

Simplify maintaining accurate margins and increase sales through promotions with the MerchantSoft Price Management module.

  • Define and manage sale events, routine and purchasing price updates
  • Provides an audit trail of pricing changes by item
  • Print and deliver barcode labels to each store location

Inventory Control and Purchasing

Streamline the process for ordering and receiving OTC products from multiple vendors. Using sales data from your POS, create a Buy Worksheet that becomes the Purchase Order. Purchase Orders may be faxed or sent electronically using an optional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface. When product is received, you can easily update your wholesale cost, the retail price, adjust margins and print barcoded item and/or shelf labels.

  • Support for multiple: inventory groups, units of measure and vendors per item
  • Shelf-level monitoring: set stocking levels and reorder points
  • Perform item searches with drill-down views
  • Adjust item counts, price changes
  • Perpetual Inventory Detail Audit
  • Accommodate transfer of merchandise; direct drop-ship to stores


Run at Optimal Efficiency


Keep your 9.x software running at optimal efficiency with our MerchantSoft SupportTool. For installations with on-site IT departments, choose the right tool for the right job to keep your Point of Sale systems running at optimal speeds. Our tool offering will continue to grow to support MerchantSoft 9.

  • Clean-up Tool: Moves older log files out of the main POS database and organizes the files into dated folders for easy research
  • Read OTC Items: Reads the database and isolates records with NULL values
  • Read encrypted Logs both internal or external to the database.