Put Your OTC Orders on Autopilot with emporosAIR.

Cloud-base for your business


EmporosAIR stands for Automated Inventory Replenishment.This cloud-based tool is designed for the business that primarily uses a single vendor. EmporosAIR automatically reorders what was sold with little or no user intervention. At a scheduled time, sales data from POS is uploaded to AIR creating a Buy Worksheet. A purchase order is generated and electronically sent to your over-the-counter (OTC) vendor. The vendor fills and ships the order. According to your preferences, purchase orders can be scheduled, maximum dollar thresholds for orders set, and notifications triggered. With back-order tracking enabled, items unavailable from your primary vendor are added to the Buy Worksheet for your alternate vendor.

Features and Benefits include:
  • SaaS product that requires no hardware; use Internet browser to securely connect
  • Populates Buy Worksheet from daily sales data
  • Backorder Tracking
  • Notifications via Email or Text
  • Little to no user intervention needed
  • Ease of use
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